The LOTR Checkbox is Finally Checked


Finally I can come home and people under 30 will respect me.  I saw some locations for a famous film series today.   Not sure, but here I think someone lost a finger here, someone found a ring, and a little whimpering fleshy pale guy who likes to crawl around the ground made his appearance nearby.  Black Gate must be close by… and some really really bad guys.  Continue reading The LOTR Checkbox is Finally Checked

One Tree


There is a small isolated wind-swept island in the middle of Wellington Bay.  It is most renown  for being a quarantine for arriving passengers and then later for diseased animals.  There is this one tree, totally contorted by the environment, that sits on the highest hill.  If I was going to be here for a number of seasons I would turn it into my “Monet Haystacks” and head out there in all environments to photograph it. Continue reading One Tree

Wellington: Baltimore Inner Harbor’s Aspirational Peer


Academia regularly uses the term “Aspirational Peer.”  When planning, institutions will list who they think their peer institutions are, but they will also make another list of institutions they aspire to become – something to shoot for and communicate their most important values.  This post is for Lee Boot who loves oceans, sailing, humanity, and cities.  He also has visions and limitless energy to make Baltimore the best.  This is a seed to plant that Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, should be one of Inner Harbor’s aspirational peers. Continue reading Wellington: Baltimore Inner Harbor’s Aspirational Peer

Wellington: #1


It’s steep here.  Really steep.  This “garage” is just down our “street” – technically we live on a “terrace” – Mortimer Terrace.   I wouldn’t even walk into that garage, let alone park my car in it, but this is life here. Somebody does. This neighborhood of Wellington where Emily is staying makes past hilly places I have stayed – Certaldo Alto, Arbuckle Driveway, and Maiori on the Amalfi Coast – look as flat as Kansas.  Continue reading Wellington: #1