“The Point”

The Point jutting out from Windgrove, Tasmania

“You can’t get there from here…” an old saying that fits this land feature. The Point is a sliver of a steep ridge jutting out into the Southern Ocean.  Walking it is like doing the edge of a razor blade.  It is public land, but it would be extremely difficult and hazardous to get to it without walking through Windgrove.  But no worries, Windgrove’s Gaia Walk takes you right there and even provides a bench for you to sit on.  Following are some photos of The Point.

The Point, Windgrove, Tasmania
The Point jutting out from Windgrove, Tasmania
Windgrove’s Today sculpture nestled in the landscape near The Point.  Windgrove, Tasmania
Today sculpture, Gaia Walk and Wombat Circle near The Point.

There is not a small part of me that just enjoys the simple direct naming here.  The Point Bench, overlooking The Point and with a view of Wedge Island. Behind you is Wombat Circle.  Adjectives and flowery names are just extra baggage and apparently not needed here.

Installing The Point Bench overlooking The Point.  Wedge Island in the distance.

4 thoughts on ““The Point”

  1. One of the scariest walks I have ever taken. And one of the most beautiful and exhilarating.
    Jean Trott

  2. Big space. Makes me think about how a bench: Small, compact—places the pausing human nicely in the Big Space. Safety. Reflection. A place that makes admiring easy.

  3. The reptilian appearance of the drone shot is marvellous, even prehistoric. if permission is given I would like to copy it to my Grandson Sebastians mother’s, messenger post.

    Thank you Peter Adams, one day when my mobility problems are healed I would like to visit and take the walk. .

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