Good Nights

Wedge Island and Milky Way

My last week in Tasmania was the new moon.  Nights were dark and frequently clear.  I moved my routine of working the cameras from day to all night.  I am just now going through all these photos.  The real surprise was finding the following photo taken at 4:05 AM on January 11.  

This camera up high recorded my early morning round of checking cameras.  Click to make the image large.  In the lower right you can see the light trails of my headlamp and flashlight as I walk out the Gaia Walk to the point to check a camera.  It may look like sunrise, but this is pre pre pre dawn and I had to use a flashlight. It is really dark. The straight line on the horizon is a cruise ship heading into Hobart to dock that morning so the tourists can spend the day doing the city. The two Magellanic Clouds are high in the sky.

Wedge Island.

Continuing with prepping photos for Windgrove’s use, here are a number of night shots of Windgrove and Wedge Island.

Windgrove and the lights of Hobart on the clouds.
Wedge Island.
Milky Way, Southern Lights, Wedge Island, and a squid boat.
Peter Adams Windgrove House with Magellanic Clouds
Roaring Beach
Blue Gums at night.

Good Night Moon.  Good Night Wedge Island. Good Night Silver Peppermint. Good Night Moon.

Wedge Island and Roaring Beach sunset.

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