Seating for Dialogue

Berensohn/Lawrence Memorial Bench

Seating for Dialogue is one title that Peter Adams uses for describing a major aspect of his wood design practice – benches.  As you walk around Windgrove there is always a bench waiting for you around the next corner. If you have friends with you, all the better.  This post is simply updated photos of eight of his benches along the Gaia Walk.

Shakespeare Bench
Drop Stone Bench with Gaia Walk marker.
Five Sticks and a Stone Bench
Double Spiral Bench
Galaxy Bench
Galaxy Bench
Galaxy Bench
Sunset Bench
Sunset Bench being used correctly.
Point Bench
Point Bench 
Berensohn/Lawrence Memorial Bench

One thought on “Seating for Dialogue

  1. Walk to a bench.

    Maybe this is the point of Peter’s whole life. He needed a canvas big enough to make his art, which is EXTENDING the invitation to walking and sitting and savoring. Was there a wide enough place here in the US, or beautiful enough, or affordable enough? (I miss him so.) Then I think of all the disasters that opened the path exactly to Roaring Beach. And then Peter’s vision unfolds with the tenacity of a sea pine. It is breath taking.

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