Circles and Trees, Addendum – J. Dewhurst

Jenny Dewhurst’s sea glass and beach stone sculpture at Windgrove. Sculpture 2001, Photo 2018.

Twice Windgrove hosted Australia’s national Sculpture By The Sea festival in its early years. Tens of thousands of people roamed Windgrove and looked at sculptures and views of the Southern Ocean.  For one festival in 2001 Jenny Dewhurst hauled in tons of gray stones smoothed by the action of breaking waves,  along with thousands of pieces of sea glass found on the beach.

Jenny Dewhurst’s sculpture in 2003, just as circles of trees are planted around it.

She arranged them into this circle – hand sorting each rock so that the larger ones are the “head” of the teardrop shapes sizing down to tiny ones at the tail. At the end of the festival, it was decided to leave it and soon circles of she-oaks trees were planted around it.  Today it is a quiet, dark, and cool alcove along the Gaia Walk.  Fenced in as well to keep the Wombats, Wallabies, Pademelons,  and Bandicoots from messing with it.

Jenny Dewhurst’s sculpture in 2016.
Jenny Dewhurst’s sculpture in 2018.

I did a 3D scan of the whole circle with a drone.  The following is a quick test with just 1/2 of the data.  This is point cloud data which can be turned into a full mesh for a virtual model.  However, I am just liking the point cloud look.

3D point cloud data of J. Dewhurst’s sculpture and tree circle including entrance. Scanned with drone.

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