Workingman. Portraits of Peter Adams Working

Peter drawing circles for carving on his new Point Bench.

Continuing with current plan that for the next few months this blog will house a catalogue of photographs I took for Peter Adams and Windgrove during my 2 month residency, I post a few more based loosely on themes.  These photos are intended to be used by Windgrove for documentation and promotional purposes.  They are easy for people to see and link to.  Click on the photo to see a version that is designed for screen-based presentations.  Since many of the regular readers here know Peter, I will add in a few notes here and there. Enjoy. 

Peter is allergic to wood dust, so all of his work spaces are outdoors.  It is opportune that Windgrove is in a part of Tasmania where it never freezes and the almost constant wind keeps the dust away.

Peter moving his Point Bench in his main carving studio.
Peter drawing circles to carve for his Point Bench.
Carving the Shakespeare Bench.
Carving the Shakespeare Bench.
Being off the grid, for those rare moments when he needs to use power tools, Peter hauls out his generator-in-a-wheelbarrow.
Sanding standing up wind.
Shakespeare Bench being finished.

Much of Peter’s work is leading tours and discussions. More photos on this later.


Droughts are common. Rainwater collection and water management are issues and chores.

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