Windgrove Peace Garden, Tasmania

Split Rock, Moonrise

I’ve decided to use this blog as a catalog for photos of Windgrove that Windgrove’s creator, Peter Adams, can peruse and choose from.  You, lucky or not, get to peruse them as well. These are photos I took during the 2 month residency there and augment the more than 3,000 photos that Peter has in his collection.  Slowly, over these cold weeks here on the east coast of the US, as winter refuses to die, I am culling and prepping images that he can use. In May,  Peter is one of three individuals selected to speak to his 50th graduating class at Harvard. Apparently he needs some photos to help him…  So here they come. No text, no explanation, just images. Organized by themes that he and I worked with over the last 2 years. Somehow the images feel better here than on Flickr.  Its quiet here and only a few people. Enjoy. (Click an image for higher res version).

Womb of the Earth, Solstice Sun
Entrance to the Peace Garden with Signage.
Split Rock
Peace Garden and Roaring Beach, Panorama, 2017, Peter Adams
Ancestral Bench and Ancestral Midden,  Peace Garden
Ancestral Midden
Key Hole Stone
Aerial view of the Peace Garden illustrating the key hole shape it forms with the upper circle.
Ancestral Bench
Womb of the Earth and Crescent Moon.
Womb of the Earth with Milky Way.
Split Rock with Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds
Peace Garden, Falling Stars.
Peace Garden, Split Rock, and Full Moon Rise
Womb of the Earth, Crescent Moon
Time collage of scanning “Womb of the Earth” with drone for creating a 3D model.
Point cloud data from 3D scan created by drone.
Yet another shot of Peace Garden at sunset.

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