A Mad Crush on Wedge Island

How can you not fall in love with Wedge Island?  It’s like the soft gentle warm back of the old family dog sitting on the porch looking out at the far off perimeters. Guarding. Protecting. Head on paws. Watching as boats and storms go by – nary a twitch of the ear, just an eye tracking the wake.  Who knows, Antarctica is only 2000 miles away, one needs to always be on the ready… And the name, Wedge Island, can it be any better? Nope. You can’t forget it. So Wedge Island has become my Monet’s Haystack.  I can’t keep from making images of it. However, Wedge Island has another side – its head that faces the Antarctic and the onslaught of rough weather.

It’s a tough head – facing the Southern Ocean – protecting its sloping back and the Tasman Peninsula.  The waves have bashed it for years leaving only the hardest rock.  You can’t see this side from Windgrove. Almost all of the islands and peninsulas here have tough rock out-cropping facing the huge relentless waves coming in from the “Roaring Forties.”

So here is a quick collection of Wedge Island photos. What is poignant about these photos is that over the next few years salmon farms will be dotting the entire ocean view.  I have adroitly cropped out all the current ones.  These current views don’t require Photoshop to make them pristine. They are pristine as is. Enjoy. We need to realise that feeding our 7.6 billion selves is going to dramatically change our views.

Windgrove, bottom left. Wedge Island, right. Current salmon farms.



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