Drawing Me a Mermaid


You may not see it unless you zoom in, but there is a Mermaid in this shot. Maybe it is coincidence, but I doubt it.  Why would anyone draw a mermaid facing a dead-end. I am posting this quickly, because perhaps the individual who drew it is reading this blog.  And I want to thank them.

I’ve been here 6 weeks and have met many of the Roaring Beach community members.  Most know why I am here and that I have camera stations spread around Windgrove.  Last week I moved one to a very steep bluff over looking the end of Roaring Beach that people rarely go to – it is all rock at low-tide.Mermaid3

Yesterday, New Years Day, I was out there 3 times in full view of all the beach goers. Anyone could have seen me or the camera.  At some point a Mermaid appeared in the sand waving to me. I love it. Thanks.


What is even more funny is that when I set up the shot there was a “stick” in the view.  I tried to be an “artist” and love the stick, but it didn’t work.  The stick had to go. (Technically I knew that it wouldn’t align correctly over the 3 weeks of shooting….)


The “stick” is actually the top of a 3 meter bush that is way down below the camera on the cliff. In an attempt to trim the “stick” I lost the 5 meter pruning pole – the pruner shot out over the cliff and got lodged half-way down this 6 story cliff. It took a day of getting enough nerve to rock climb from below to retrieve the pruner.  But I triumphed.  The “stick” was removed and if it had not, the mermaid would have been obstructed from view.  It is a serendipitous gift for working 2 days to remove the “stick”.

So thanks to whoever drew the Mermaid!

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