A deep bow and a tip of the lens cap to @jvhenkel and “his” hashtag #treesarebeautiful.  It was a highlight of my last year in terms of social media and an important contrast for me to the din of Facebook’s echo chamber. It made many of us look at trees a bit more. If you don’t follow Jim on Instagram, you should. I hope that 2018 continues the trend. Touring around Tasmania these last weeks and thinking of the hashtag enticed my camera to focus on trees occasionally.  These following ones won’t make it to Instagram, but enjoy them in the spirit of #treesarebeautiful.  Thanks Jim. Happy New Year.    

Oh wait! That’s a cow… but its beautiful, too.

One thought on “#TreesAreBeautiful.

  1. Trees are majestic and deserve the greatest of respect and admiration. My 31 year old daughter in Carborro NC is a tree specialist and is helping a farmer in Hillsboro with a chestnut tree farm. She also planted her own apple orchard with specialty varieties grown for Craft Beer on family land in Avery County NC. She spends time with friends on weekends tree climbing!
    I feel very fortunate to be in Tasmania for the month of January visiting friends in Devonport!
    Thank you for your blog!
    Jean Trott

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