Surf and Roaring Beach

Driving to Windgrove and Roaring Beach you pass this long fence made by some local surfers. Stopping alongside it one day gave me the opportunity to take some of the best action surfer shots I will ever take…

Roaring Beach is a National Conservation Area and sits right next to Windgrove.  It is acclaimed for its surfing.  You can see that it is protected on both sides.  It is gorgeous and the swells come in at a perfect angle, breaking just right on the shallow bottom. Many days it is pretty much private.  However, on an occasional weekend they have surf competitions and break out the PA systems.  You can hear the activity as you work around Windgrove.   For those of you familiar with the Arbuckle Hilltop and the Arbuckle Rodeo, a surfer’s PA announcer is much more pleasant than a rodeo’s.

Drone shot of Windgrove next to Roaring Beach. (High-res. Click if you want to explore a bit)
Surfers hanging out on Roaring Beach

And Roaring Beach is the right name. It roars 24/7. Wonderful sound. Here is the shot of Emily and her shadow walking the beach two years ago.

And now back to the fence, which is why this post exists.

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