When a Cliff is Involved, Near Enough is Good Enough

Camera Station #9. Test. Simulated two day exposure. Visible light.

Taking to heart Frank Hurley’s Antarctic darkroom scrawl, “Near Enough is Not Good Enough” (see earlier post here) I went for it and put a new camera station on the edge of a cliff. 

It really isn’t THAT bad, except that it is very windy. You can just see the camera station in this photo. CamStLocation

And these are some trees on that edge – 45 degrees because of the gale winds coming off the southern ocean. I figure it will keep me from falling off – it will blow me back up.CamSt9Windy

So it gets pretty exciting setting up a camera there daily or nightly.

Speaking of wind, when Peter’s clutch burnt out at Freycinet and we were in the back seat of this high-tech tow truck being towed for 3 hours to Hobart, the driver, Derek, was just full of stories.  He says that he lived in the windiest place on earth for awhile.  It was so windy that in the morning you stuck a crow bar out the window and if it bent you knew you probably shouldn’t go out that day…


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