Hah! Caught me an Aurora


Another thing off my bucket list.  According to my parents, I saw “Northern Lights” when I was 6 or so.  That doesn’t count and I can’t remember.  It took coming to the Southern Hemisphere twice to see them.  Not that they can compete with all the stellar photos on the internet, but this is my own.  The following video proves it.  They were so faint, you couldn’t see them with your naked eye, but hey, what the camera records and gets posted is what counts. Right?  [BTW, that is little Wedge Island there.  I have a mad crush on it.  I am working on a whole blog post about it. Stay tuned.]


5 thoughts on “Hah! Caught me an Aurora

  1. That’s so amazing to see what all is hidden throughout the day. We’re far enough north to occasionally have a aurora visible, but I’ve missed them so far. They’re beautiful!!

  2. Wonderful! Such a feeling the AB gives you. Beautiful timelapse, Dan. I look forward to hearing about it if we can get together after your return.

      1. It is so hard to let go of “northern centric” ideas. The hardest one is that that here you want windows facing north. The south-side of things is cold. A southerly wind is cold. Winds from the north are warm and friendly. The sun angles over to the north. It puts your whole sense of direction off.

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