Traveling With Peter – The Hazards of Freycinet

I took 2 weekends off from the Residency and saw more of Tasmania.  Traveling with Peter is always an adventure, but you get to see some pristine amazing spots very much off the beaten track. Just be prepared: 4 wheel drive, hand saws, lots of water, and road-side emergency care.

First off we went to Freycinet to see The Hazards. This sign was a good warning of things to come.  The Hazards are that row of mountains sticking up in the Tasman Sea. 

Arriving in bad weather we did the classic, but easy,  hike to a lookout – Peter’s first big hike with his two new knees.  Huge success for him. 

Gaining some confidence, we were at another high lookout and I saw some really cool looking orange lichen on some rocks in the distance.  I made the comment that it would cool to go there.  Peter thought for minutes, and said that place is where rock climbers hike out to so as to practice on the high rocks and cliffs.  He thought our car might make the 4 wheel drive trek and we had time.  So off we went.

The old Subaru was doing great, even if we did hit some obstacles that needed to be cleared. (Yes, I did my share of sawing!)

And we made it. Little Blue Stone Bay.  It felt alien.  Huge waves. Amazing light. Loud waves crashing.  We sat there for hours.  Click on the overall pano to find Peter and look at the far right to see how large the waves are hitting the cliffs.

Little Blue Stone Bay, Freycinet, Tasmania

And we made it back to the lodge!  I have to add in the obligatory food shot and mention that it is so great to be back in Australia where you meet all these cool young international people taking a year off to travel and work around the country. Our lodge had some of the best.  And the day ended with the classic Freycinet sunset that is on every calendar.  I had to add to the mix.

The next day we headed out and the clutch burnt out in the middle of nowhere.  More adventures.  More meeting local local people. Long drives in tow trucks with husband and wife teams and eating fish and chips at the best local secret places.  Can’t be beat – in some respects – just have top notch road-side assistance packages.


One thought on “Traveling With Peter – The Hazards of Freycinet

  1. I admire you more and more. We must have an occasion when we can see and hear more about the trip. It would be an experience to meet Peter. It would be fun. Take care—Let us know when you get back.

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