Point Clouds of Windgrove

I started 3D scanning aspects of Windgrove with a drone. In processing, the first step is creating a point cloud (data) and most people ignore it and move onto making a solid mesh. Peter was looking over my shoulder and immediately loved the look of Windgrove’s Peace Garden as a point cloud. So I went with this above sketch as a test. Click it to see a large version. I would love to see this type of look in a real-time environment. The following photo of myself along with my identical triplet brothers and a swarm of 200 drones begins to explain the process.


Photogrammetry scanning uses regular old cameras. You work to take excellent photos of the object or landscape from all angles.  These are fed into a computer.  For the sculpture here in the Peace Garden, there were 211 photos taken over a 2 hour period and the computer spent 8 hours processing it into a 3D model.   The following video is a quick screen-grab of the first draft of the scan.  Nothing is cleaned up.  It can’t do water very well because of reflections.  If/when this will be used, it will need extensive clean-up. Or I will just work with point clouds.  Windgrove in Point Clouds.


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