Tech Head Toolbox and Basecamp done.

Two weeks into the residency and there is a check mark beside all setup requirements.  On schedule.  Taking two days off for some Side Show tourism. Stay tuned.

Ultra Violet and Infrared Cameras working. Check.
Build Camera Stations. Check.

Holy Grail Gear and Lens Warming Muff working. Check.
New Drone and stitching working. Check.
Commissioned slit-scan software for Day-to-Night-to-Day effects. Check. (much more on this later)
Gimbal Camera Stabiliser and control app working. Check.
Incredibly bright 6 foot light stick for light-painting acres of landscape. Check.
Loaded computer with view of Kangaroo Paws flowers that attract a New Holland Honeyeater bird. Check.





and a requisite time lapse of Peter and Dan building stuff overlooking the Southern Ocean.

2 thoughts on “Tech Head Toolbox and Basecamp done.

  1. For those of us sitting at desks without views of Kangaroo Paws and Honeyeater birds – thank you for giving us this armchair view of the adventures of Dan and Peter. Some of us might also be a tad envious and cursing the screen now and then….but then looking forward to every post like a glutton for punishment.

    1. Kathryn, as you know, if you are going to sit in airplane seats for more than 4 days (round trip), you need to make sure that it is/was worth it. Glad you are enjoying the posts. They should start coming a bit more regularly now.

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