Finally. The Holy Grail, but this shot isn’t it.

Windgrove House at Night.

Tech Stuff. Amongst the time lapse community, the term “Holy Grail” refers to a continuous shot that goes smoothly from full sun to the deepest star filled night with no hitches, glitches, bumps, or dissolves.  It is really hard to do – hence it being called the Holy Grail of time lapse shots.  At long last I have joined the ranks of Holy Grail-ers.  

Full sun day time is about 18 stops brighter than deep night sky.  That is 262,144 times brighter.  Working the camera so that the timing and depth of field stays the same, but the exposure smoothly changes to compensate for the 18 stops takes some skill, patience, and in my case, computers and software. Jet lag and a residency also helps.  So, after a few test nights of time-lapse shots, I accomplished it.  The following video goes from sunset through the night and ends with the full sun coming up. It’s the Holy Grail.  If you could care less about tech talk, just enjoy looking at the Peter’s Windgrove house as it goes through a cloudless night.


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