Embracing Jet Lag

Peace Garden, Windgrove

Instead of fighting jet lag, I went with it and photographed stars for 5 straight nights.  It happened to be a new moon, so the sky was dark, and Tasmania has little light pollution. This, along with crystal clear weather made for a perfect setting.   And I learned enough about the southern skies that I can forgive Orion for standing on his head here. 


My studio at night.  The constellation on the left is the Southern Cross.  You use that along with the other two stars to find the South Pole (which doesn’t have a conveniently located star as with Polaris in the north).  But the real treat is the two Magellanic Clouds that rotate around the pole.  Beautiful.

Magellanic Clouds over Windgrove House
Peace Garden, Windgrove
Split Rock at Peace Garden, Windgrove

More to come…

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