“Oh dear…. What have I signed up for…..”


For a number of smart reasons, upon landing in Hobart Tasmania after 39 hours of travel, I wanted to spend the first night in a hotel and just crash.  My host, Peter, thought this wise too, because Windgrove is far from Hobart – plus we have a day of errands to load up supplies.  However, he didn’t want me to book any-old hotel. He wanted to book the hotel for me and so, of course, he went and booked one of the newest and trendiest hotels in Hobart…It is a story-telling hotel with 114 characters – one for each room. They are all historic and relate to Tasmania and Hobart.  If you are really into hotels, here is the opening link – http://www.macq01.com.au. They offer tours, events, the whole works.

Your room adventure comes complete with a View Master (1950s VR goggles) and a beautiful coffee table book that gives the background of each character!


Not a bad room.  And it comes with Negroni-in-a-bottle!

My room and character was John Palotta who falls under the category of “Hearty & Resilient.”


Each room has a display of objects related to your character.  In my room were some of John’s actual creations.


Walking around the hotel you can see other room characters.




Best of all it was quiet and quiet.  Good food.  and I slept and slept – dreaming of having the Buckley’s.

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