“Going Down?” Yes.


“Testing, Testing, 1,2,3…”  After almost 2 years of being dormant, this blog is going to become active. The sequel begins.  I am headed back down to Tasmania in mid-November for 2 months of work.  You are reading this post, most likely, because you got an email from WordPress.  I just wanted to give you a heads up.  This new trip is for research and production.  The blog will be totally overhauled and the existing content of the last trip will be archived. New title, new theme, new content, but same old author and photographer.
PeerEmCoStarsThe sad news is that one of original blog’s stars, Emily Stanley, will not be in this sequel. Peter Adams, however, will be front and center.  So if you were following this blog because you can’t get enough of Emilyness (and who can?), then you might want to break your links to here and/or take one last look at the original blog.

However, as you may remember, Peter can easily steal a scene and make it his own. So stay tuned, and between the posts and images of research and production, you can grin at his antics.

So, as I try, once again, to really understand why I am standing upright, but the constellation Orion is standing on his head, I’ll be in touch.

Constellation Orion

5 thoughts on ““Going Down?” Yes.

  1. Front row seat. House lights fading. Stage lights: awaiting! Show time, we cannot wait!

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