Tag-Along Series #8: The End


Well the Pest is finally leaving New Zealand. One less invasive species for them to monitor.  In a few months Ms. Biodiversity will also leave and at that point all monitoring can stop. No more wildlife will be disturbed. Maryland, on the other hand, should start a watch…

Here are a few last tag-along images. 

EmBeer Emily does like her beer.  And this is real beer.  Really.  That is its name. Beer. It is one of our favorites that the Garage Project brews.  I’m gonna miss this brewery, not to mention the woman wearing the Orioles cap while in Wellington.







And here she is waiting for Fish and Chips.  This is not the best place in Wellington (we have been to the two best), but this one is right next to her apartment.  Just a short 25 story walk-up…




And below is the best Fish Shack Bar in Wellington.  To enter you have to pass a sign that says it is an earthquake prone building.  Meaning you should get out quickly should a quake happen.  It is only open 5:30 to 11 PM 4 days a week.


Someone has been very tolerant for the 3 months of having her own Paparazzi, but she may just miss it a bit.


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