Pictures of Volcanos


Yes, I know.  There are volcanos everywhere and we have all seen them, but I have never spent any quality time with volcanos so my last hurrah of a trip down-under was to tramp for 3 days around the bottoms, middles, and definitely the tops of active volcanoes. Tongariro has 3 of the most famous ones in NZ and I visited all three which are in a nice tight group. So, pictures of volcanos are a dime a dozen, but these are my dozen (actually a baker’s dozen). 

But first, just to give a touch of background, these volcanos regularly erupt. They are small eruptions, but people and property can get hurt.  There have been a number of eruptions since 2000.  The cafe where I have been getting my Flat White each morning has a photo of the 1996 eruption on the wall.  The Wakapapa Chateau at the ski village is in the foreground which makes the photo very dramatic.  Yesterday I was in front of the Chateau and tried to imagine 20 years ago.


In any case, here is a selection of photos in no order.  The process of curation was whether I really liked the image. All the volcanos are napping now. If an image looks like something dramatic is happening, it isn’t.








Walking through wisps of sulphur.



LOTR location again. I am on one volcano looking at another.


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