The LOTR Checkbox is Finally Checked


Finally I can come home and people under 30 will respect me.  I saw some locations for a famous film series today.   Not sure, but here I think someone lost a finger here, someone found a ring, and a little whimpering fleshy pale guy who likes to crawl around the ground made his appearance nearby.  Black Gate must be close by… and some really really bad guys. 


Dan is saying “Look!  Right Here!  In the pool above this water fall!  Gollum caught a fish! This is where Gollum caught a fish! Oh Boy! Can you believe it?!  Right there! Right there!  Right there at the top of THAT water fall! He caught the fish!  Shouldn’t there be a plaque?”

I can sleep tonight. Sometimes it is important to fulfill other people’s bucket-list expectations of you.

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