Still Loving the Caution Signage, Part 3

SignCrossingI call this caution sign, “Caution! Powerful Cel Tower with 6 Bars of Strength! Duck and Cover!”  Always remember that you need to use exclamation points when describing caution signs in New Zealand.

Or maybe, just maybe, there is a new caution sign designer and just a smidgen of vanishing point perspective is working its way onto the signs.  NO!  Could this possibly be that there is a cross walk up ahead? 3D!

To end this series (here is the first post and the second) I have one last favorite that cracked me up while driving quiet lonely roads.  If you remember the large high permanent sheep and cattle crossing signs with numerous exclamation points, then this one just has to be a little lamb crossing.   …little quiet lamb crossing in the middle of nowhere and it will only be a short moment.  My kind of lambs.  I always hated lambs that bleated with a exclamation point.


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