Still Loving the Signage. Part 2


This might be my favorite image so far. I love this down-under signage.  How much better is this “Go” then our “Proceed With Caution”? Who wouldn’t want to simply GO?  So, this post is a sequel to the first one.  

And speaking of simple, here is a mailbox.  I can get this.  No dilly-dallying around hearing about all the options with big fancy names. I’m in and out. This is language that fits me. Mailbox

And speaking of mail, look at this.  Your own mail person does your sorting. He or she will delete your spam. You have a human spam filter!   In person.  I would say that 25% of mailboxes have this note.  Notice that it is a commercial sticker that matches the numbers.  It is normal to have these.

NoJunkMailAND you can make your own sophisticated spam filter! and the mail person will do it.  “Yes, I would like junk mail, but please don’t give me gym circulars. Please”  Is this terrific or what? They even use the word please.


The poor mail person’s bag doesn’t get much lighter as they walk around.  They have to carry it all back.  Sorry to digress…  continuing with caution signage:

Name this endangered bird.









Who wouldn’t want this one?

Buses?  BUSES!!Buses

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  Buses!  Finally they are here!  Yay!  Buses! BUSES!!!!!


Not to be one of those grammar nerds, but I sort of thought a rumble strip WAS the exclamation point.  Of course, I continue to add to my exclamation point collection.






I’ll end with “GO”.  This is the Wellington City Buses (or should I say BUSES!?).  No advertisements plastered all down the side.  Huge yellow squares rolling around. So clean.


I will end with the GO sign. I just wish it had an exclamation point after it.


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