Ms. Tutt, Sea Slugs, and Mauve


Unlike Dorothy, the Tasmanian scone maker who hides behind cash registers, Jaqui Tutt from Wellington will gleefully prance down her steps should you want to take a photo of her purple house. 

TuttPurpleHouse2Emily and I pass by her house on Epuni Street everyday.  It is one of our favorites and today I decided to photograph it.  Suddenly a woman is on the porch beaming at me.  I ask her if I can photograph her wonderful house and she immediately says, “Haven’t you seen the photograph and signage at the gate?” So I check it out (and probably you should to – click on the image). As I finish reading it and head back into the street to make a photo, she has ran down the 4 switchbacks of steps and joined me.  We chat. She is a dynamo. Lots of fun.

At the end I get enough nerve to ask her if I could photograph her in front of her house.  She said with a big smile, “OK, but I won’t grin because I don’t have all my teeth in. Today is a garden workday”  I said her sun dress and bell bottom workday jeans would brighten any photo.  She cackled and ran over to her gate – striking a pose that needed no coaching.  Her last words were “Since you are here for a few more weeks when you walk by next lets go out for coffee.” I mumbled something – lord knows what – smiled, waved, and went on my way. I am loving this town – “the best small capital in the world.”





2 thoughts on “Ms. Tutt, Sea Slugs, and Mauve

  1. Thanks, Dan – just printed the photos and explanation out for this week’s letter to Mother, who, as you know, has a great affinity for this color!

    1. That’s great,Elizabeth. Good idea. Its too bad we can’t get her the scones, jam, and coddled cream of a Devonshire Tea. She would love that as well

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