Living With Parrots

KeaBeakI should just stop after this title and photo. It says it all.

In Tasmania, the South Island, and now the North Island there are numerous wild parrots casually flying around by themselves or in flocks. It’s a new sight that catchs my eye. We have a group here in our neighborhood in Wellington. The Kea, presented here, may be endangered, but it is quite formidable.  It is the world’s only alpine parrot. And very aggressive.KeasCelphone

If you are interested take a moment to read about them.  I know you want to listen to me, but Wikipedia does a great job on this bird – here. You will believe it more when you learn there that Keas destroy cars and tires by pecking at rubber with their beaks.

KeaCarDamageThis is our rental car after just a minute of a Kea landing on it. I am glad that the rental company didn’t notice it when we returned the car. More fun is to just go to YouTube and search for “Kea Bird Destroys Car” – here.  Endless videos of this clever and cheeky bird. It is also very smart and creatively solves problems.  They can work together towards a mutual goal.



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