Missing the IRC People

It all comes down to people and I have been missing the people I spend hours a day with. The IRC gang.   Not that I did a great job, but I tired to take a photograph for each.

For Lee:  I have started to agree with the Kiwis, Everything here needs an Exclamation Point after it.

For Lee:  I have started to agree.  Everything here needs an Exclamation Point after it.

For Ryan: Since the South Island is on your Bucket List, you need to get here soon.  Don’t wait until your 60s.  You will want to come back, so allow time to return again and again.   You will want to be exuberant.IRC_ForRyan

For Mark:  “Mark?… Mark! … I’m sorry to bug you, but I’ve got this problem with my monitor.  It was working great yesterday, but today it is really weird.  Can you take a look at it?” IRC_ForMark

For Marsha:  Thinking of your garden and backyard.  Some Foxglove and a big rock might be nice.  The rock is pretty big.  This photo doesn’t do it justice, but the tiny white clouds way up at the top give you an idea that it is more than 1/4 mile higher than that tree line.  Tell Joe not to worry about the size.  It has a tunnel through it.  As long as you don’t have a giraffe in a trailer it will do just fine. IRC_ForMarsha

Miss you guys.  See you soon.



One thought on “Missing the IRC People

  1. Definitely miss you too Dan! The images is breathtaking. How will the quite rolling hills of MD strike you after such a gorgeous place?

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