End of the Long White Cloud


I found the end of the Long White Cloud in Milford Sound.  The weather broke.  It took 10 days. The smartest thing I planned months ago was to stay an extra 4 days on the South Island while Emily started settling into Wellington on the North Island.

During this planning process I asked a colleague, Corrie – who lives and breaths the wilds of New Zealand – where I should go for those 4 days. It wasn’t the actual answer that convinced me, but the way she said it.  Sort of like, “Corrie, what is 2 plus 2?”  “4” she would have answered.  But instead it was, “Corrie, where should I go for 4 days on the South Island?” “Fiordland” she answers.  Same tone. No hesitation. Very simple. No variables. Nothing to argue or explain. No caveats. No long story. No narrative. Just “Fiordland.”  Move on, Dan.

And so I did and today was so moving I actually wept.  (Now my children would remark that I cry at Super Bowl commercials, so what’s the big deal?)  The clouds cleared and I saw this landscape in its entirety.  Nothing does it justice but being here – in it.  So, if you ever ask me what you should do when you visit the South Island, I will simply say, “Fiordland.”  More to come.

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