Cubed Squared Informally

Cubed Coffee

We stopped at Cubed again on our way to the airport to fly out of Tasmania to New Zealand. I have now learned how to finish up a cup of their espresso. Get the last drop with your finger.

CubedOverallTo answer some questions that I got from the first post on Cubed: 1) the name, Cubed, comes from the shape of the trailer, and 2) the statue of the woman with sword is there because Laurie and Fabienne like and collect Art Deco.


CubedStatueI didn’t have a camera with me, or I would have photographed the statue’s toes.  They are well worn and polished by people touching them as they stand in line.  Laurie joked that those are the most touched toes in Tasmania.




CubedSquaredThis time we talked a good bit with Fabienne who bakes all the amazing pastries.  She grew up in Freiburg, Germany and is using many of her grandmother’s recipes.  With this news Emily launched into speaking Deutsch with her and apparently they had a great conversation.  When we drove away Emily remarked that Fabienne skyrocketed up on Emily’s ladder because in speaking with Emily, Fabienne had used the informal “Du” and not the formal “Sie.”  When Emily was in Germany in her early 20s she was always addressed in the informal, but when she went back in her 40s, she was always addressed formally.  That didn’t sit well.  She was touched that Fabienne treated her like family.

So, again, if you want the best Flat White in the World and you want it served formally in a family-like personal atmosphere, you’re gonna have to head to this cubed trailer on an overlook in Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania.

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