16 Feet of Rain


We’ve been in New Zealand for almost a week but it has been so busy, beautiful, and the WiFi has been so spotty that there hasn’t been time to sort photos and write posts.  Today it is raining, and I mean RAINING. We are loving it.  It has been early December since I’ve been in a day of rain.  I am soaking it up.  We are in Fox Glacier where it rains 5 meters a year.  That is 16 feet of rain! Per year!  Today and tomorrow we are supposed to get 500ml, that’s half a meter, that is almost 20″, and no one is blinking an eye.  We are staying in a B&B that is connected to a farm.  We had a great breakfast talking to couple who run it.  They have Jersey dairy cows!  It is so wet here that they can’t grow anything but grass.  There is a glacier, literally a mile away, but it never snows here.  Just rains.  We are headed out.

Along with all this rain, I suspect there will be a blizzard of blog posts as we get to catch up on things.

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