Emily and I have new lines for our resumes, “wwoofer.”  World Wide Organic Farms or Willing Worker On Organic Farm.  Its a common term here.  In the best case scenario a wwoofer works anywhere from 4-6 hours a day and receives room and board.  The idea is that they learn aspects of organic farming – hands on.  Many younger folk use it as a way to afford to travel around Australia.

WooferOverseerPeter is typically hamming it up as he oversees Emily wwoofing.  Emily is remarking that how can one be an overseer when one is sitting on the ground lower than the woofer.  It’s a down-under thing. He is an underseer.

We’ve been doing work to put up wombat and wallaby fences to keep them out of areas.



Woofer2As I said about gardening, everything is “extreme” here.  This is mowing the grass….

2 thoughts on “WWOOFers

  1. Hey Dan — Last January Oliver spent two weeks wwoofing on an organic farm in Tucson. They prepped ground for an orchard and there were goats, chickens, quails, and a rabbit, but I don’t think wombats were an issue.

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