If the old adage is true, then this post is already 1,000 words…

It is tough here. Really tough right now.  Peter has 5 dams (ponds) – this is his last one that has water for him to use for the garden. He has purchased and brought in 9,000 gallons of drinking water this last month.  He has one other dam in the Peace Garden that he keeps full for fighting fires, but it isn’t much.  And fires are a huge threat.  Currently there is a large one in NW Tasmania, but the smoke from it, 100s of miles away,  is obscuring the air here.  Emily and I took our last walk and we could barely see Wedge Island, let alone anything on the horizon, because of the smoke. If you have enjoyed meeting Peter via this blog or already know him, send him some energy.  Better yet, send him some rain – lots of it.

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