Last Stop on the Peace Bus

Yes. This represents a huge amount of work and Photoshop. That is an OK thing, BTW.

Our stay in Tasmania is winding down and shortly we are headed to The Land of the Long White Cloud (NZ).  Gonna miss the ole Peace Bus.  

This photo represents so much of our time here.  It’s looking south at stars we have never seen before.  The grass is turning brown and there are hoses everywhere as the area struggles with drought. If you look closely you can see Emily reclining in one of the beds culling photographs or writing notes and blog posts. She-oaks and Eucalyptus trees form the horizon. The dome over the blueberries protecting them from Possums so that we can have them in pancakes and desserts for a month.  The list goes on.

EmPeaceBusDeckHere is Emily in the early AM (though it may look like full noon, it is very bright here…), again working on culling photographs and writing.  The view and sound of the Southern Ocean is always present – demanding your recognition.


PeterPeaceBusAt one point there were huge amounts of visitors and Emily and I had retreated for the peace of the Peace Bus.  Suddenly Peter was there.  He needed a break.  He swung into the seat by the table, opened the window, put his arm out the window, and said, “This is where I sat for 8 years living here. Arm out the window and looking at the ocean.”

If that is good enough for Peter, then it is good enough for Dan.  We are going to miss each other.

Dan and Peter in the Peace Bus.
Dan and Peter in the Peace Bus.


4 thoughts on “Last Stop on the Peace Bus

  1. Dan and Emily,
    It is really a treat to follow your journey, new experiences and sights, fascinating commentary, and beautiful animals in far away Tasmania. I may have missed it, but how did you find and connect with Peter in his corner of paradise?
    Safe Travels,
    Charlie & Meredith

  2. I wanted to check with you if it would be okay to show these to Amalie? Not sure how Emily would feel, so thought I would ask.

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