Extreme Gardening: The Possum Wars.


Ruth, a friend of Peter and a human rights lawyer, was staying at Windgrove for a week and joked with the phrase “Extreme Gardening.”  Living in Tasmania brings out the extreme in people or, more likely, it attracts people who take activities to the extreme:  Extreme Sports, Extreme Outdoors, Extreme Survivalists, Extreme Cooking, etc.  And so she added in Extreme Gardening.  Its true.  It is tough growing things here – especially organic. possumWater is scarce and gardeners deal with the usual blights and plagues, but the big issue is animals.  Wombats, Wallabies, Padymelons are typical and a fence can usually deal with them.  Not so with the Bushy Tail Possum – Peter’s nemesis.  They walk around on the Peace Bus roof most nights.  They fight on Peter’s roof.  They can jump – really far.  Peter started by putting his gardens in these tall metal containers (talk about a raised-bed!).  That worked only for a short spell.  He has had to resort to a full enclosure – chicken wire screen top to bottom. Inside he has an amazing organic garden.  Garden

Because it doesn’t freeze here, he can grow all year.   The garden season never ends.  He always has fresh lettuce, potatoes, greens, beans.  A few things, like his true joy, watermelons, need the full heat and sun of summer.  The season here at this moment would be like early July in the States.  He already has apples and he and Emily have been having an Apple Pie-off.  We are all winners. We have been eating fresh produce non-stop.

FiddleBackIf you are wood worker, you would immediately notice the grain on all the Eucalyptus Posts that he got.  It is all fiddle-back.  Planed, sanded, and finished, it would be beautiful, like the back of musical instruments.

Follow this link if you want to see a full panorama of his garden.  I think he appears in it 4 times. Or here is the full URL: https://www.360cities.net/image/peter-in-windgrove-garden-tasmania

We spend time each day in the garden.

Peter and Emily fertilizing Water Melon blooms by hand.
Peter and Emily pollinating water melon blossoms by hand.

3 thoughts on “Extreme Gardening: The Possum Wars.

  1. Ooo, curved,raised, vegetable bed !. Now there’s a man who knows,simultaneously, how not to cut corners and how to.

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