She-oaks Feed the Soul

She-Oaks at the Edge of Wombat Circle.
She-oaks at the Edge of Wombat Circle.

This post is for Marsha who asked about the trees….  You can’t ignore them here. They struggle, they survive, they bend and roar with the wind, they are beautiful, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and types.  However, the She-oak captures your attention before others – even before the spectacular Eucalypus.  The She-oak is the tree that you first notice.  This is the tree that Peter has planted the most – 60% of the 9000 trees he planted are She-oaks. These are the trees that he uses to create his largest circles. They native, tough and can withstand the environment here.  These are the trees that make those beautiful bubble shapes from the aerial views of the drone.

I think Emily is going to write a better post on the She-oaks at some point. She is smitten with them as well. Hopefully she will explain why the word “oak” appears in the name, because in my humble opinion, this tree is all about being a pine tree.  In this post I will simply offer a few photos of them. Click on them to see them large.

The Gaia walk going through the undersides of a large She-Oak grove. Quiet with needles everywhere.
The Gaia Walk going through the undersides of a large She-oak grove. Quiet, dead, and the ground thick with needles.
A row of young She-Oaks.
A row of young She-oaks at the edge of Wombat Circle.
Galaxy Bench in front of She-Oaks.
Galaxy Bench in front of a She-oak.
She-Oaks in a small circle that Jenny Dewhurst's sculpture was built.
She-oaks in a small circle where Jenny Dewhurst’s sculpture was built.

Note: Where Peter and Emily standing is the lower circle in this post, Drone Panoramas. It is also featured in the drone video with Theo, Ace Young Drone Pilot School Old Man. The center of the stone arrangement, which you can’t see here, is blue glass and is very obvious from above.

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