Ana Wraps a Rock


I’ve been at Peter’s Windgrove almost a month and have been able to observe the more than 100 visitors that have passed through here.  Some are old deep friends of his, some are local neighbors, some he doesn’t know and they are just stopping by to walk the place, and some come here strictly by word of mouth to do art.  My first week here Peter got an email from Ana asking if she could come and spend a few days. She arrived a few days ago and immediately hit the beach to do some work.  It was very windy, but I got the drone out…

AnaSunsetBenchAna Marie Silva is from Argentina and has been touring, working, and engaging with New Zealand and Australia. She is currently doing installation art work. Here is her Tumblr site that describes her work. She had heard of Peter and Windgrove from friends and contacted him.  She showed up on the bus from Hobart and immediately fit right in with everyone.  She had the normal Peter tour and ended up on the Sunset Bench.

AnaTopiaryShe immediately started doing rock sculptures on the beach and sculpting a bush to be a cloud.  The wrapping of the rock with paper at low tide was the most effort.  She wanted to document it decaying over time. After four days she has to leave and left us all with a present in honor of the wrapped rock.


When she was wrapping the rock it was very windy.  Probably 20 mph.  The drone can file about 25 mph, so it could hardly stay still in place.  But we had fun.  The shots aren’t great, but it gives a sense of Ana and Windgrove.



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