The Front Face of Windgrove

Windgrove at Roaring Beach, Tasmania

In balance to an earlier post about the behind-the-scenes of Peter’s Windgrove, I’ll take a moment to show the front side of Peter’s 25 years of work here.

PaddockThis small photo to the right is the view of Roaring Beach from Peter’s. Above the cliff is a small bald spot, which Tassies call a “Paddock.”  This spot has been quietly calling my name to come visit and look back at all of Windgrove. I didn’t really want to lug equipment across sand dunes and bushwhack through bracken to get there (oh and did I say that there are leeches here! Yup!), but then Kathryn Gremley of Penland challenged me to get a certain type of photo of Windgrove and I guess she is in the small group of people that I can’t say no to… So off I went.

DanPhotoingWindgroveEmily joined in (she should do her own “Tag-Along” series at some point) and took this shot of the effort.  I didn’t get a photo that will please Kathryn, but I did take this overall.  So if you are interested, you can click the main photo to see it large and read the following descriptive text.

In the overall shot, most of what is in the view beyond the beach is Peter’s.  You can see his two points jutting out into the ocean – a smaller one first that has the “Sunset Bench” that is regularly showcased and beyond that is the larger sharper one that is very dramatic and where we spent Christmas morning. You can also see all the trees that Peter planted (9,000!) everywhere including up the mountain to almost the top.

The largest features are two circles that were created by him planting trees years ago.  The insides of the circles give an indication of how all the property looked when Peter purchased it and moved in the Peace Bus.  The large one on the left is part of a large keyhole shape (that you can’t really see here) that anchors his Peace Garden.  The smaller circle on the right is called “Wombat Circle” and has a bench in it that I photograph regularly. For New Years Eve 5 of us had gin and tonics at Wombat and watched the last sunset of 2015.

The most important point is that you can’t see Peter’s complex of buildings.  It is all hidden in a grove of trees.  It is just below and to the right of the large circle.  The Gaia Walk that everyone does starts at the bottom of the large circle,  snakes along the cliff from left to right, out to the two points and then returns back to the house above Wombat Circle.  This is the walk that Emily and I take once or twice a day. You can’t imagine how meditative that walk is.  Obviously many walks happen down to the beach.

And for all you surfer dudes who have made it this far, Roaring Beach is revered by surfers.  That is a 3 meter swell breaking (that’s 10 feet). Peter wishes I could be here when there are 10 meter swells – that is a 30 foot wave breaking against his points.

3 thoughts on “The Front Face of Windgrove

  1. You just needed a reason to bushwhack and brave the leeches! Not sure how I feel about being mentioned in a sentence that contains the word leech……but the resulting image is so stunningly beautiful. My hat is off to you and Peter, with a nod to the great creator of such a breathtaking landscape.

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