Drone Panoramas


I’ve started stitching together drone shots to make panoramas. This is one of the first and it shows more of Windgrove. If you read the previous post, the following text will continue the description of Windgrove.  (I should make a map….)  Again, click on the photo to see it large and read the text if you are interested. 

At the bottom is the path, The Gaia Walk, headed to the “Sunset Point.”  The circle of trees with a blue swirl in it was one of forty sculptures installed for Sculpture By the Sea – Tasmania 2001, a 3-week event attended by 12,000 people and which Peter hosted. All the sculptures were supposed to be removed at the end, but this one seemed to fit Windgrove and it has remained.

The next circle up of the three concentric circles of trees is “Debra’s Friendship Circle” (Debra Frasier).

The top circle is Wombat Circle.  You might be able to see the gate into it at the top.  Right there is one of Peter’s many benches.   And further up above Wombat, very hard to see, is a brown smudge of the huge cliff edge.  This is where Theo and I flew the drone. It’s 300 feet straight down.  Here is the video again if you want to experience flying past Wombat Circle and going over the edge.


3 thoughts on “Drone Panoramas

  1. Debra’s Friendship Grove made me tear up. I am so glad Peter found a canvas large enough for his vision. And glad you are there to document it and send it to the rest of us. Could you take some pics inside the DF Grove for me? Love every post. d Debra Frasier Author & Illustrator http://www.debrafrasier.com

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