Three Correct Decisions

The traveling trio's reflections at Lake St. Clair.
The traveling trio’s reflections at Lake St. Clair.

Peter, Emily and I just returned from a spectacular 4 day trip to the Central Highlands of Tasmania and its 1.6 billion hectares World Heritage Site.  It is one of the three largest temperate wilderness areas remaining in the Southern Hemisphere. This trip confirmed 3 major decisions that I, and in part Emily,  made over the last 18 months.  We did good. I am so happy.


1. A New Knee.  Emily and I did the last leg of the Overland Track – one of Australia’s famous bush hikes.  10 miles with 20-25 lbs of camera gear over rugged terrain. Only sore muscles, nothing else. There is no way I could have done this on the old damaged one (from a sports injury in my late 20s).  I am so pumped and ready for much more in New Zealand.


2. No Postcard Touring.  After months of discussion we decided to pick one spot, Peter’s Windgrove, and just stay there and really understand it. No Hawaii, no Sydney, no Melbourne, no Tahiti, no endless drives with quick picture spots.  Perfect idea.  Here, we are meeting everyone, seeing all phases, and really letting the landscape and culture seep in. We make friends and connections, not postcards.

Frenchmans Cap from Donaghys Lookout

3. Giving Up on DSLRs.  After much anguish and a depressing learning curve, I am so happy to have left Nikon/Canon huge DSLRs with their clanking mirrors and have moved into a Fuji mirrorless system.  I can carry 3 times the equipment at the same weight.  What a joy.  Every photo you see here is with 1 of 2 Fujis with 1 of 7 lenses.  All in the same backpack that held one full frame Nikon and 3 lenses. No complaints.  Quality is just fine.  BTW, if you are taking a photo and need something to make the image more compelling just have Peter put his arm in the shot…



4 thoughts on “Three Correct Decisions

  1. Ack! Oliver is getting ready to buy a camera to take to India and you are making my advice to him more complicated.Amy loves her mirrorless camera though.

    1. Well. I went the high-end Fuji route and bought into their “system”. They make great lenses and the lenses will not get outdated quickly. Its a good investment if you will be doing a lot of photography for 10 years and can commit to one system. They make some inexpensive cameras that don’t have interchangeable lenses. Sony’s mirrorless, along with Panasonic and Olympus are also good. I went with the company that makes their own lenses and a lot of them. Not cheap, btw… 😦

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