The Bathtub and a Single Mirror


Building Windgrove Peter has designed all the bathrooms, showers, and toilets to be outside and external to the house. It never freezes and this idea works well.  The bathtub is used more in the winter than now when it is hotter and summer. He says he puts candles all around the edge and a steaming bath is a remarkable experience. Mirror

It is also interesting to note that there is only one mirror in this whole complex.  In the outdoor shower.  I wasn’t fully conscience of this at first, but now I am aware that you are not seeing yourself or checking your personal appearance all the time. Maybe its an aging thing, but I like that.  Leave your personal appearance at the driveway.  It doesn’t matter here.PeaceBusMirror

OK, I’m lying.  There IS another mirror here and, of course, it’s in the Peace Bus.  One of the bus’s rear view mirrors has been jauntily installed above the kitchen sink.

For all you photo geeks, click on the bathtub and mirror images and look at them larger.  I am having fun playing around with this technique of using a small camera to give the illusion of a large format camera with very shallow depth of field.  It takes awhile, requires anywheres from 40 to 100 separate photos and some computer work, but I am really enjoying it. It certainly beats lugging around an 8×10″ camera, its film, and then waiting 4 months to see the results.

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