A Flat White Coffee Cubed


One goal of this journey was to get a real authentic perfect Flat White Espresso in Australia or New Zealand, where they are credited to being created.  Check. Done. Over. This is it. This hand-made solar powered trailer on an overlook in Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania is it. It is called “Cubed” and of course Peter knows the owner Laurie and his partner Fabienne who run the whole operation. It even comes with a telescope.  Trigger Warning! If you read on, you will be traveling to Tasmania for a cup of coffee. CubedTurkishRug

And this is where your coffee, in authentic antique Wedgewood China, is served.  You sit on a Turkish carpet and pillows, sip your coffee and look at the Southern Ocean.
CubedStatueNot sure what this statue is about, but it certainly adds to the ambience as you stand in line.

Cubed offers hand-crafted, fully traceable, single-origin or house blended expresso which is batch-roasted by hand (Laurie’s and Fabienne’s hands) at the Cubed micro roastery.

This endeavor is so typical to the culture here in Tasmania.  So green, so conscience of human rights, so independent, so rugged, and so high quality.


Here is Laurie pulling Peter’s Flat White.  Perhaps the statue gives him more motivation…  (Remember that this trailer is solar powered and check out the expresso machine….)


Laurie delivers the perfect Flat White in the Wedgwood China to Peter sitting on the Turkish Pillow.  Laurie and Fabienne have the coolest matching leather aprons, btw.


And there it is. This one is mine. The best Flat White in the world. Its so good that Peter uses his finger to wipe out the last bit out of the cup. I’ll be going back before I leave. Wouldn’t it look good attached to the rear of the Peace Bus? Here is Cubed’s website: cubedespresso.com.au

There is amazing coffee everywhere.  More on that later, (plus a post on Devonshire Tea),  but Peter is proud to tell the story of Starbucks opening a branch in Hobart and it didn’t make it. It closed soon after opening.  All the other coffee shops put it out of business…  No one went.  No customers. It is easy to see why.  Free WiFi doesn’t mean squat here.

5 thoughts on “A Flat White Coffee Cubed

  1. Love it! Of course I dismissed the trigger alert, so am now looking for cheap flights to Tasmania on Priceline (JK … but I wish I weren’t!). FABULOUS!

  2. Dear Dan,

    Fabienne and I just wanted to give you a big heart felt thank you for offering such thoughtful & beautiful observations of what “cubed” is all about.

    We both really appreciate the time & attention to detail you have taken to really get what we are doing.

    Life is a series of experiences, thank you so much for sharing one of yours!

    With all of our gratitude

    Fabienne & Laurie

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