A Gregarious Recluse

A group of family and friends feasting in Peter's house.
A group of families and friends having a feast at Peter’s house.

The holidays and summertime have brought the usual influx of Peter’s friends, colleagues, and travelers to Windgrove.  Each of them brings their own group of friends and family along with bags of amazing food (everyone cooks here – not a restaurant in sight). This is in direct contrast to the majority of time when Peter is by himself.  Over the years since driving in the lone Peace Bus, Peter has built a huge complex to host and board friends and guests.  Many times there are conferences or workshops here and Peter opens his house to them.  Marissa, a graduate student from U of Tassie, was here last week and joked that Peter was a gregarious recluse.  Peter himself says that for 300 days of the year he is totally alone and the other 60 days is full of people, meals, tours, tennis, and conversations. 

Peter's Windgrove Deck in 1998.
Peter’s Windgrove Deck in 1998.

I’ve included two panos of the interior of Peter’s house for those of you interested, but before seeing them it is interesting to note that the house started with a simple deck. It would be Peter who would envision and build a deck that years later could be turned into a house. If you look at this 1998 photo of the deck you can see all the structure that becomes the dining room that anchors the whole house. Living-room, kitchen, atrium, reading-room, pantry, breakfast nook, and entryway all open off of the dining room – a dining room with a table that can easily sit 14. Building community is front and center everywhere.

New Years Breakfast at Windgrove.
New Years Breakfast at Windgrove.

So here are links to the two panos.  They give you a quick sense of the house.  While looking at the New Years Breakfast one, you can see the two window seat beds and the reading room couch.  I have taken naps on all of them working through jet-lag.  Guests are sleeping on them regularly.  Peter even has Teddy Bears…

Pano Link 1: Evening Feast.

Pano Link 2: New Years Breakfast.

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