Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tam Slam 2A Tim Tam is an Aussie Cookie that is similar in popularity as the Oreo cookie in the States and it is a lot like a Kit Kat.  It’s a sweet chocolate-covered wafer cookie.  The ace drone pilot told me I had to do a “Tim Tam Slam.” …?   Everyone knows what it is and just sort of smiled when I said I needed to try one.


Tim Tam Slam 1You bite off opposite corners, dip one end in very hot coffee and then suck the other end like a straw.  The hot coffee is sucked up into the wafer and you immediately have to pop it in your mouth because it immediately explodes into an intense molten sugar, chocolate, and coffee mouth full.  Very very sweet. Pretty cool.  Glad I did it.  Once is enough.

3 thoughts on “Tim Tam Slam

  1. The Slam could become a substitute for fancy cocktails; or is it more in the nature of a Gateway Drug ???

    1. Does NZ have them? If so, I will. I was actually walking across some squeaky sand the other day was thinking I should bring you some sand.

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