Accessories and Supplies

Extra Camera Card

Make sure you bring an additional card for your camera.  When you are in the field and your only card fills up, you are stuck.  You should have second one.

Flash or Jump Drive

Having a couple of good size flash drives will make life easy. I’d suggest at least 4-8 gigs, but bigger is better in this case. You will be surprised how quickly you generate lots of files.

External Hard Drive

If the computer you are bringing is pretty much full, then you should bring an external hard drive so you can save and back-up all your image files. And what happens if your internal computer drive fries itself…?  You’ve lost all your work….(ouch!) You should have someway to back-up your files as you make them. You will generate gigabytes of data over the five week course.

Blank CDs or DVDs

Another way of backing up files is to burn them to disk on a regular basis. Its a bit slow, but can be convenient and inexpensive.


A lightweight tripod will be important to have, though you might be able to borrow one. For many capture sessions (either still or video) you will want the camera locked down during the shot.

Flash (Optional)

Few photographers like or use the direct full front facing electronic flashes, but they do come in handy in a dark pinch.  If a student brings a flash that has some creative controls, I would be happy to introduce how to get them to have more pleasing results.  I will have one with me (Nikon) if anyone wants to try it.

Earbuds or Headphones

You will be working with sound to accompany your time-based work.  Everyone needs their own set of headphones or earbuds.

Mouse.  Did I say to bring a Mouse?  Bring a mouse!

Camera Manual



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